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Quality Control

Shenzhen Sennis Technology Co., Ltd. Quality Control

As a leader in thermal energy projects, Shenzhen Sennisi Technology Co., Ltd. leads the trend of the times. With annual sales of 50 million, for many years, with strong technical strength,High-quality and mature products and perfect service system have achieved rapid development. The "Sennis" brand has gone abroad one after another. So far Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam,Our company's products are widely used in more than 50 countries including the UAE, Australia, Peru, and Arabia. The technical indicators and actual results of its products have been fully obtained by customers Definitely and unanimously. Now it has become a well-known enterprise in the thermal energy industry.

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  • Shenzhen Sennis Technology Co., Ltd.
    Standard: sgs
    Number: 20341151-T
    Issue Date: 2020-04-01
    Expiry Date: 2021-05-30
    Scope/Range: gas burnerCoating production line
    Issued By: sgs
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